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Land Manager System
Landmanager is an all in one solution for managing all land based aspects of your program.
Have site data available digitally.
Forms can be completed by personnel via desktop application, the web or on mobile devices.
Track and monitor and report on regulatory compliance.
The full life cycle of dispositions or core holes is stored in a secured database and geo-referenced.
For a complete demonstration of all the features and how it can be utilized for your needs please contact us.
Feature Image
Feature Image
Field Data collection
GPS referenced aerial imagery of the sites and data.
Input and monitor all reclamation treatments and data.
Collect inventory of vegetation, soils, prescriptions and treatments for all sites.
Database for historical and recent photos to track yearly progression.
Updating your cumulative disturbance footprint using our LANDmanager software to schedule and track reclamation inspections, remedial treatment, and treatment efficacy in support of reclamation certificate applications.
Creating site treatments and monitoring strategies to achieve compliance with reclamation standards.
Preparing spatial depictions of regulatory constraints to aid in project planning and execution.
Compiling information required upon your program’s completion in support of your final submission to the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) for Reclamation Certificate Applications.
Feature Image
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Our process
The first step we take is to understanding your business and what you are looking for in a safety management system.
At this step we collaboratively work on a plan to setup and deploy the software.
We provide support and training so that you can begin to enjoy using the software.
GB Client Data Storage
Online Courses
hours of development time
Our services
Leveraging our relationships with land management companies we are able to provide additional services such as:
Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Assessments
Pre- Disturbance Assessments
Direct you to companies who can provide an experienced group of auditors who are certified in a wide variety of industries. Certifying partners include: AASP, ENFORM, ACSA, AMTA, and CBCA.
Detailed Site Assessments
Weed Management Prescriptions and Monitoring
Supervision and implementation of prescribed reclamation / remediation treatments
Our Team
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Sunny Bhuller
He has spent the better half of two decades developing software at numerous startups and enterprise level corporations. With his background in business and software he is driving the development of the next generation of safety software.
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Murray Hubscher
Murray brings over 40 years of environmental risk management, safety and emergency response skills to LANDmanager clients.
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Derick Zimmermann
With eleven years of oil and gas experience and over eight years of direct health and safety experience, Derick offers valued expertise to LANDmanager clients.
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Ray Pankhurst
Ray brings over 20 years of multi platform development experience to the maintenance and development of LANDmanager.
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